Lift-To-Work: CAP-HC's Vehicle Program

Reliable transportation can be a barrier for many low-income families. Limited public transportation can create a substantial hardship to those who rely on it to access and/or maintain run.pngjobs, trainings, childcare and other services necessary to meet basic daily needs. CAP-HC created the Lift to Work program to respond to the need for reliable transportation in Hennepin County. 

Our Programs: Lift to Work currently offers three programs focused on assisting residents of Hennepin county achieve an increased level of stability by overcoming transportation barriers. 

  • Vehicle Repair Program- This program seeks to address the high cost of vehicle repairs. Hennepin county residents that are below 125% of Federal Poverty Guidelines may receive up to $750 in auto repair assistance, needed to ensure that their vehicle is safe and reliable.  
  • Used Car Shopping Assistance- Limited knowledge of cars and limited budgets can often lead to the purchase of a less than reliable vehicle. This program can assist qualified residents of Hennepin County in their search for a reliable used car by offering:
        1. Pre-purchase Counseling to assist you in focusing the scope of your search to vehicles which will best meet your needs and your budget.
        2. Vehicle History Report to identify past issues which may affect the reliability of the vehicle.
        3. Vehicle Inspection to attempt and identify current programs with the vehicle. 
  • Referral Source- CAP-HC will work with clients to identify transportation solutions and provide referrals to local organizations that may be able to meet clients' needs. 

2018 Federal Poverty  Guidelines Chart

# of
 in Household 
Vehicle Repair 
  Program (125%) 
Vehicle Repair 
   Limited Funds Avaialble   
Used Car
 Assistance (200%) 
1 $15,175  $24,280 $24,280
2 $20,575  $32,920  $32,920
3 $25,975  $41,560  $41,560
4 $31,375  $50,200  $50,200
5 $36,775  $58,840  $58,840
6 $42,175  $67,480  $67,480
7 $47,575  $76,120  $76,120
8 $52,975  $84,760  $84,760


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