Financial Counseling Services

LSS Financial Counseling and
Debt Management Plans

Develop a realistic budget and a plan to conquer your debt – so you can have a brighter future with less financial stress.

CAP-HC has teamed with LSS Financial Counseling to offer free budget and debt counseling, and debt management plans. 

  • Call LSS at 1-88-577-2227 to make an appointment for free and confidential financial counseling.
  • LSS certified financial counselors do a complete budget review and help you make an action plan to tackle debts.
  • LSS has debt managemnet plans to move credit card debt into one montly payment through LSS, with good credit score outcomes and debt gets paid much faster and with less interest charged.
  • Counselors provide expert coaching on options for all types of debt, including credit card debt and student loan repayment.

CAP-HC also offers an online tool called Managing my Money, where you can read tips on budgets, banking, taxes, and insurance. 

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