Energy Assistance Program 


Community Action Partnership of Hennepin County is the EAP service provider for all of Hennepin County. CAP-HC is soliciting interested mechanical contractors to work with the ERR Coordinator throughout the Energy Assistance season. Click HERE to learn more.

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Click HERE for the 2020-2021 Minnesota Energy Assistance Programs Application. 

Haga clic Aquí para la Asistencia de Energía de Minnesota Programas de aplicación 2020-2021.

Please note:  The EAP application needs to be downloaded and saved to your computer, and then completed and saved again. 

  *** If you have no income, or your income is lower than your monthly bills, please fill out the Verification of Income and Expenses Form and submit it with your application. 


Mail your application to:
8800 Highway 7, Ste. 403
St. Louis Park, MN 55426

OR Fax your application to: 

If you'd like an application to be mailed to you, please call: 


To ensure that we serve everyone promptly during this COVID-19 crisis, EAP has made a block of phone numbers available to the public. Please note that 952.930.3541 is for messages only. Someone will reply to your non-emergency messages within 24 to 48 hours. If you have an immediate need to speak with someone, please call any of the numbers listed below.

(952) 484-2693  - Betty (Energy Assistance)
(612) 559-4979  - Rhea (Energy Assistance)
(952) 451-9663  - Shiquia (Energy Assistance)
(952) 451-8906  - Tyra (Energy Assistance)
(952) 212-4944  - Hashim (Energy Assistance/Somali)
(952) 454-4618  - Angel (Energy Assistance/Spanish)
(952) 210-9327  - Mulki (Energy Assistance/Somali)
(952) 406-2818  - Malinda (Energy Assistance/Hmong/Lao)
(952) 210 2235 - Janet (Energy Assistance/Spanish)
(952) 484-4751 - Latoya (Energy Assistance)
(952) 454-0266 - Omar (Client Services)

If you have an issue or concern, please contact Shantell Buckhalton, Compliance Coordinator, at 952-261-8974, or via email at

Minneapolis residents who are interested in the Weatherization Program should contact Sustainable Resource Center, Inc at 612-870-4255. 


Community Action Partnership of Hennepin County

8800 Highway 7, Suite 404, 
St. Louis Park, 55426  
Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
            Tuesday and Thursday: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Minneapolis Urban League (closed until further notice)

2100 Plymouth Ave N. #112
Minneapolis, 55411
Hours: Monday through Friday:  8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Sabathani Community Center  (closed until further notice) 

310 E 38th St, #211
Minneapolis, 55409
Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

EAP Office at Lutheran Social Services (LSS) (closed until further notice)

2400 Park Avenue South, Second Floor
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Phone: 952-210-9327


Due to Covid-19, our program continues to make every effort to help those most vulnerable and in need. In light of recent events, there have been many new policy changes to assist our customers in the best way possible and to help elevate some of the stress of trying to cope through this pandemic. Below is a list of these policy changes.

Eligibility Period Policy Change

Starting April 1, 2020, through the end of FFY20, households only need to provide one month of income proof. Applications signed on or after April 1 require only income proof from the last full calendar month to determine eligibility.

Self-employed households should submit self-employment income received in the full calendar month prior to signing the application.

Fixed Income
Under the new one-month income eligibility policy, if the household does not have the most current month of fixed income documentation available, it is acceptable to use the household’s most recent available documentation.

VIE Requirement Waived

From April 1, 2020, through the end of FFY20, households claiming inadequate or no income are not required to complete the Verification of Income and Expense (VIE) form.

Crisis Eligibility Change

Starting April 7, 2020, through the end of FFY20, Commerce is expanding Crisis eligibility.

At this time, many connected utilities are not issuing disconnect notices. Commerce EAP is implementing an option to pay a past-due bill, allowing households to qualify for Crisis without a disconnection notice. Past due is any previously unpaid balance beyond the current month’s charges.

Households with any unpaid past due balance are eligible to request Crisis to pay their past due and current balance.

Additionally, Commerce is waiving the “Refusal to Deliver” requirement for delivered fuels.

Outside of these changes, all current Crisis requirements remain in place, such as:

  • Households must request assistance.
  • Service Providers must verify with the energy vendor.
  • Seniors may request Crisis with a current bill.
  • Delivered fuels must be 20% or less.

Crisis Maximum Increase

Starting April 7, 2020, through the end of FFY20, Commerce is increasing the Crisis maximum to $1,200. The maximum for a no biofuel/self-cut wood Crisis is $600.

Social Security Number Policy

FFY 2020 seen new policy changes regarding Social Security Numbers. This new policy requires a Social Security Number (SSN) or eligible non-citizen documentation for all household members to verify EAP- applicant identity. Due to this policy change, some of our immigrant and mixed-status households may have been hesitant to apply. Our agency is working to reach out to these households to address their concerns and try easing these concerns so that they may benefit from our services.

We want all households to feel safe when applying for help. We understand households may be worried about the new policy; however, EAP does not document ineligible non-citizens’ immigration status in the household’s records or in the EAP database.

Non-citizens may still be EAP-eligible. If you are eligible for EAP, but you are living with people who are non-citizens or ineligible – for example, those on student visas, undocumented – your household may still be eligible to receive EAP benefits. Please still, apply. EAP does not record or report the immigration status of undocumented members in the household records or in the EAP databases. 




Energy-Related Repairs Program
The Energy Assistance Program can help you pay energy costs-- such as a heating bill-- between Oct 1 and May 30 each year. If you qualify, you could receive a grant to cover some of your energy expenses. This grant is paid directly to your energy provider, to reduce your energy bill.

The Energy-Related Repairs (ERR) Program provides emergency repair or replacement of broken/non-functioning heating systems (ex. furnace) for Energy Assistance clients. 

To be eligible for assistance with your heating system you must submit an Energy Assistance Application and be approved.

To contact CAP-HC about problems with your heating system please call Kesha Joyner at 952-697-1338. If you have an after-hours emergency please call 651-796-4412. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for energy assistance?

Both homeowners and renters may be eligible for assistance. Renters that don't pay their heat may also be eligible for energy assistance.

Do you have to pay the money back?

No. Energy Assistance is given as a grant, not a loan. You do not need to repay it.

What are the income guidelines?

Eligibility for Energy Assistance is calculated by looking at gross income (your income before taxes and other deductions) for a three month period. Your income must be at or below the following guidelines.

2019-2020 EAP Income Guidelines

Family Size

Maximum Three Month Income





















How can I apply?
** For household sizes 11 and up, call 952-930-3541**

An application must be completed in order to receive Energy Assistance. The application can be downloaded from the link above or by contacting CAP-HC between 8:00 am - 4:30 pm at 952-930-3541. 

For more information, visit the Minnesota Department of Commerce website at