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Community Action Partnership of Hennepin County (CAP-HC) announces the results of CAP-HC's 2020 Community Strengths and Needs Assessment

Every three years, CAP-HC seeks to understand better the needs of low-income families and individuals in Hennepin County. The full report, compiled by the Improve Group, summarizes what we learned from listening to the community.

Below are some findings from the Assessment.

  • Poverty persists. 15% of Hennepin County (26% of Minneapolis residents) live under 125% of the Federal Poverty Level.
  • Economic inequality. Poverty rates for Hennepin County are nearly five times higher for Hennepin County's Black/African-American population (42% under 125% FPL) than Hennepin County's White population (9% under 125% FPL). Rates are higher for youth (<18), Minneapolis residents, people of color, less educated, foreign-born population, and persons living with disabilities.
  • Community members are struggling to meet basic needs. "[I'm concern about] paying bills, not enough food, not making enough money to survive on. [About] Stress, depression, anxiety, and fear of losing what we have and being homeless."
    • Top unmet needs. The most frequently reported unmet needs of survey respondents are in transportation, financial wellness, and housing.
  • Interrelated factors are reinforcing poverty. Systemic oppression and white supremacy contribute to intergenerational poverty. Interconnected and complex barriers, such as (mental) health conditions, housing instability, and high cost of living, limit economic opportunity.

Thank you to the Improve Group and to all the community members, partners, and service organizations that helped with the Assessment.



Click below links to view full 2020 CAP-HC Community Needs Assessment



CAP-HC 2020 Needs Assessment (PDF)

CAP-HC 2020 Needs Assessment Appendix (PDF)

Agency prepares for future with Strategic Plan 2020-22

Community Action Partnership of Hennepin County (CAP-HC) is pleased to announce its 2020-22 Strategic Plan! Every three years, CAP-HC conducts a community needs assessment to hear from those experiencing poverty on what they see as the causes and impacts of poverty, needed services, strengths that can be leveraged in the community, and opportunities for action. This information is then used to create a three-year strategic plan that ensures that CAP-HC’s strategy, programming, and services are responsive to the community’s needs and input.

The 2020-22 strategic plan provides CAP-HC’s mission, vision, and values as well as its strategic goals and objectives for the next three years. Please click the links below to find out more about CAP-HC’s plan to serve those living with low income within Hennepin County!

Strategic Cover

CAP-HC Strategic Plan 2020-22 (PDF)

CAP-HC Strategic Plan 2020-22 (Summary) (PDF)